ou se baigner anduze

Where to swim in Anduze?

Anduze's swimming spots

Anduze is a very popular little town and can be extremely crowded during the summer. It is the meeting place for holidaymakers who love to cool off in the river and relax on the beaches of natural rivers or beaches. Take advantage of these beaches to sunbathe in front of the beautiful landscape that is in front of you. During your unforgettable holiday in the Gard, discover the most beautiful rivers to swim near Anduze. This is the Ardèche region, so sunshine is guaranteed.

The beach of the Pont d'Anduze

The beach of the Anduze Bridge is among the favorite beaches of holidaymakers and locals in the Cévennes. Access is very easy with very good water quality. Toddlers will find their happiness, because the river is not very deep, they can paddle in the water safely. While the children enjoy their water activities, you can relax on your bath towel spread out on the sand and admiring the bridge and the Anduzian landscape.

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The beach of the river La Madeleine

A opposite the beaches of the Ark and the Pink Castel is the beach of La Madeleine, southeast of Anduze. To get there, take The Rue du Plan de Brie to the south and continue until the street and the river meet. La Madeleine is a very nice little beach southeast of Anduze. It is a quiet, safe and picturesque place. You can swim there and collect crustaceans. Toddlers can wade around at low tide and collect shells, a treasure for children.

After a day of riverside resources and swimming sessions, you'll be looking for a restaurant to fill the day. Check out the list of restaurants near Anduze.