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Exotic stroll in Anduze

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Listed as one of France’s most beautiful gardens, the Bambouseraie en Cévennes offers you a unique experience in bonding with nature.

This outstanding botanical garden is home to more than 1,000 varieties of bamboo, as well as amazing trees and plants, making the Bambouseraie a very special place in Europe. Each year, the Bambouseraie takes you a journey packed with discoveries and surprises, getting you close-up to the ever-changing face of nature.

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The Bambouseraie en Cévennes is committed to reducing its impact on the environment by:

  • Nurturing biodiversity (natural shelters and havens) for a balanced ecosystem
  • Using organic techniques
  • Cultivation methods
  • Recycling (bamboo canes, wood, etc.)
  • LPO ornithological reserve status (French bird protection association)