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Doing the market in Anduze

The best markets in Anduze

During your stay in a mobile home, campervan, tent or caravan at the le Domaine de Gaujac campsite, if you want to know France of origin, its customs and traditions, Anduze offers the best opportunity to do so. After all, the small town of the Cévennes lives its traditions in a way. With the locals, holidaymakers can participate in various festivals and also visit many markets and of course also, taste countless regional products.

Thursdays are the days when traders and buyers meet at the Anduze market. In the off-season, merchants pile up only in the middle of the village to spread their wares in the Covered Square. Consumers then meet around the Pagoda fountain. During the high season, local producers increase in number to give a considerable size of the market. They began to expand their etalas on the Plan de Brie, then on Avenue Jean Jaurès and finally almost throughout the village.

You can find varieties of products at the Anduze market, locally derived goods. Your eyes and all your senses will find their pleasures by the colors, smells and flavors of the products on the market. To contemplate the colours of the displays of fruit and vegetable sellers, feel their natural aromas. Enjoy locally made deli meats and cheeses. Buy Andzian breads, typical smelling spices and fish to simmer your favorite dishes in the kitchen of your rental on the campsite Le Domaine de Gaujac. Take advantage of your walk to the market to make your food supply to avoid going back and forth to the grocery store or supermarket.

Going to the Anduze market means meetings with farmers and farmers and farmers terroir cevenols. They are motivated by their trades and eager to present to you the product of their land, their masterpiece. You will make exceptional encounters and share unforgettable moments during your visit to the Market of Anduze. You can do the market in Anduze as a couple or with all members of your family or group of friends.