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The Caves of Anduze

The best caves to visit around Anduze

There are many must-sees in the Cévennes and the surrounding villages of the region. Indeed, this region is full of extraordinary natural sites. You can also enjoy thrill rides such as kayaking, hiking and ULM. If you are interested in caving, start your visit near Anduze with the magnificent caves!

Trabuc Cave

The Trabuc Cave is nestled in the commune of Mialet, not far from Mas Soubeyran. With 1200 meters of galleries, it is the largest network of underground passages in the Cévennes. Take a guided tour lasting about an hour and discover beautiful colorful minerals, draperies, waterfalls and lakes. The most exciting is a mysterious group of 100,000 small stalagmites that look strangely like an army of soldiers, whose origin remains unexplained to this day. The trabuc caves have been known since ancient times. The entrance to the cave is narrow. You will see the presence of a large room, equipped with precious water, combines defense facilities and possibilities of hiding places, suitable habitat. Today, the exploration is not over. Many promising networks. Searching the ceilings, continuing the disobstructions, passing through the siphons of the lower networks. The mysteries of Trabuc are not yet explained. As in all major networks, surprises await stubborn explorers. During your stay in the Gaujac area, book a visit to this must-see.

Cave of the Cocalière

The Cocalière Cave is located on the edge of the Ardèche, near the Gard. It is ranked among the most beautiful caves in France. On the site, you will enjoy a guided and commented tour of about an hour. Stars are stalagmites and stalactites as well as calcite concretions. In addition, some of these concretions have circular and atypical shapes. It even seemed that some people did not follow the usual laws of physics. You will also have some majestic crystals that will sublimate your eyes. With a touch of clear, multicolored water, it's a breathtaking sight. Finally, history buffs will discover a real treasure, as they will have bony remains from the excavations. The Cave of the Cocalière is a developed place that can accommodate any age group. The temperature is quite cold as it is kept at 14oC. It is recommended to bring a sweater if you have a history of cold. In general, the cave opens its doors every day from the spring holidays until the end of the All Saints holiday. Adults will have to pay twelve euros and children between the age of six and twelve will have to pay eight euros. Under-sixs have free access. Note that the return will be made by a small train. All additional information at the reception of your campsite The Gaujac estate.

The other caves near Anduze

In addition to these two magnificent caves, the mountain ranges of the Cévennes have also created several other fascinating caves. Namely:

  • Grotte des Demoiselles (Saint-Bauzille-de-Putois)
  • Grand Site of Aven D'orgnac (Orgnac-l'Aven)
  • Grotte de St Marcel (Saint-Marcel-d'Ardèche)
  • Aven Marzal (Saint-Remèze)
  • Grotte de la Salamandre (Mejannes-le-Clap)
  • Bath of Bramabiau (Saint-Sauveur-Camprieu)
  • Grotte de Dargilan (Meyruis)

And you go your exploration of underground cavities with hiking or cycling activities? Discover the most beautiful hikes or cyclings to do during your stay at the campsite Le Domaine de Gaujac.