Nature amusement park WATER JUMP & ADVENTURE COURSE


Nature amusement park in Bagard, Cevennes

Water Jump

Discover the new attraction of Aqua Forest, the Water Jump garantees you a thrill.
Live the experience to take a leap from the slides into our natural pond.
Realise extraordinary figures in all safety !

Adventure course, on 3 hectares of forest

Counting 10 courses, with more than 130 activities in the trees : ziplines, vines, Tarzan jump, flying chair, surf on trees and a "fun" zipline long of 100 meters !
Mini-park dedicated to children from 2 years old with trampoline, net course, bouncy castle and a "Fun Box" : a maze made of nets of 90m² on 3 levels.

Two children courses (from 3 years old) with a continue lifeline for the youngests, family courses and thrilling courses for the recklesses !

To get filled with sensations, "the big jump" is waiting for you with its 3 meters free fall, a 10 meters high leap into the void !!

Laser Game in the forest

A 100% fun activity, for adults and children, on a forest setted area of 3000 m², play in the day light with our invisible laser system !

Escape Adventure

Participate to our new interactive treasure hunting on tablet, in the heart of the forest of Cevennes !