Local speciality

The olive has arrived from high antiquity in Provence and Languedoc. Fruit of the olive tree, it is very popular in Roman times and continues to be consumed throughout the Middle Ages until today. There are different varieties of olives such as Lucca, or the Picholine cultivated specifically in the Gard: with firm flesh, it is characterized by its oblong shape and the finesse of its nucleus. You have to wait until October to harvest it and make the most discerning gourmets enjoy its remarkable flavor.

This olive is also used in the manufacture of an oil highly appreciated for its fruity flavours and herbaceous notes of hay, as well as for the beneficial virtues it has for health. It is obtained from the traditional cold-pressure process which allows its natural flow. The curious, do not hesitate to go for a tour in the mills of the region where you can attend directly to its manufacture. It is also known that the Greeks and the Romans were already fond of the olive oil they used for cooking and appreciated for its cosmetic properties!

Here are some tips for connoisseurs of local olive-based specialties. First of all, let yourself be seduced by the tasty fougasse provençale made with olives and olive oil, which will hold you to the body without being too caloric. And of course, we advise you to taste the typical Provencal speciality: la tapenade! elaborated from black olives pounded with mortar and mixed with capers or anchovies, mustard and spices, it is usually served on small grilled couches, rubbed with garlic and tiédis. A real delight!